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Free ebook and PLR – Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body, by Mike Geary: 

Description: This ebook  (a $17.99 value),  created by Certified Nutrition Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer, Mike Geary, details over 27 specific metabolism-boosting secrets that you can use to strip off your stubborn body fat faster and easier.  Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body contains unique workout methods and nutritional strategies to slash body fat and take your body to a whole new level of leanness.  The nice thing about this program is that you get a free ebook and PLR (Private Label Rights) so you can re-brand his ebook.

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What does “re-brand” mean?

Re-branding is how you inject your affiliate links into the eBook or other PLR property for which you have purchased the rights to use.  For example, when someone reads my re-branded copy of Mike Geary’s eBook, every time Mike Geary mentions Truth About Abs in his book, if you hover over that link, it will show you MY affiliate link to the Truth About Abs program.  That means that if they click on any link “Truth About Abs” within that eBook and are forwarded to the Truth About Abs website, I will be credited with a “click”.  If that person actually purchases something on that site, I will get the Clickbank commission. 

I did not purchase the PLR rights (very inexpensive, by the way) so I could sell re-branded eBooks: I use this as a free giveaway to entice potential buyers to sign up.  More importantly, I have access to dozens of articles by Mike Geary that I can use for my website  Mike’s content is SO MUCH BETTER than some of the other article sources I have, and whenever I post one of Mike’s articles on my site, the embedded links within those articles ALWAYS point to my Clickbank Affiliate ID, so any purchases made by my readers will credit me with commission.

The truth is, getting the Clickbank affiliate commission is a nice “Gimme”, but my goal is to get quality content for my websites (I currently have 8 operating domains, and many have subdomains or multiple websites in a domain).  

This is where a Business Plan comes in.  My BUSINESS is Small Business and IT Consulting.  I want people to read my blogs, and get value out of the articles I publish.  My goal is that there will be a percentage of my readers who actually could use my consulting services.

My consulting services are heavy on Small Business Consulting and IT Consulting.  On the Small Business side of my business, I have conducted seminars and workshops on setting up a small business, doing business plans, registering your business, business organization, regulatory requirements and compliance, cost savings, and Identity Theft.  I used to conduct workshops in setting up businesses for new real estate investors and their new responsibilities as property managers.

On the IT Consulting side of my business, I retired the first time (after 32 years) as a Senior Member of Technical Staff in IT for a Fortune 50 company.  I was trained as a systems programmer, systems engineer, application designer, and network engineer by the best in the business: AT&T Bell Labs, IBM, Amdahl, Sun Microsystems, HP, NCR, Microsoft, and others.  I was a certified ISO-9002 auditor, a Sarbanes-Oxley financial and IT auditor and Quality Champion. I am a certified Business Process Engineering practitioner and instructor.  I am an expert in Managed Print initiatives.

After I retired for the second time, I again started my own business.  I became a Registered Dell Partner and Microsoft Partner.   I sell Business Class laptops, desktops, tablets, Ultrabooks, virtual hosting environments, security hardware, monitoring and asset management software, operating system upgrades, Microsoft Office, and much more.  I have contracts for doing website administration, WordPress and PHP development, SEO, and some Android/Java application development and maintenance.

You see, these things are the meat of my consulting practice, but if nobody knows about me, I have no business.  If the articles get my name out in front of people, and they learn that CONSULTING IS MY REAL BUSINESS, I get to do the things that fall into MY CORE COMPETENCY!  Internet Marketing (IM) is simply a vehicle that drives people to my core competencies.  

IM is NOT my core competency.  IM is NOT MY BUSINESS.   It is MARKETING.  It is part of my Marketing Plan (yes, I do have a Business Plan and Marketing Plan, as all small businesses should.  [Pretty cool how I slipped my overriding theme in there:  YOU ARE A SMALL BUSINESS AND MUST FOLLOW ALL THE REQUIREMENTS OF LICENSING, REGISTRATION, REPORTING, and REGULATORY COMPLIANCE EVEN IF YOUR BUSINESS IS SIMPLY INTERNET MARKETING!  I happen to know a consultant who can help you with that… oh yeah, ME.]

PLR and Affiliate Opportunities

The Truth About Abs Affiliate program is an example of good material you can use on your websites.  I have a website geared to health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition (  I am always looking for Private Label Rights and articles that I can post to my website.  I have many sites, and just not enough hours in the day to author or edit all the articles needed to keep these sites flowing with new content.  This is only one example of free ebook and PLR (Private Label Rights) content, and articles that fit exactly with the theme for my website. 

I like to use as an example.  Mike Geary has done this right.  It is free sign-up for affiliate membership.  There are TONS of resources, from squeeze pages, banners, and articles.  He even has a list of keywords.  He provides sample emails that can be used with your auto-responder (like AWeber).  The implementation of his articles is particularly interesting because you can specify the article-ID right in your Clickbank Affiliate URL, so that every link to an article within his site can be tracked.  The quality of his articles is top notch.  As a paid member, his videos are well worth the small cost.  The affiliate pay-outs are generous.

This was only one example that I selected.  There are many other themed topics you can subscribe to for free through

Step By Step Instructions

Sign up for  (click this link)

  • You can get free web hosting, web pages, squeeze pages, and content.  Just buy your domain name and point it to your virtual host. recommends sites where you can buy domain names.  I happen to like for obtaining domain names, but if is not for you, for full blown web hosting, I recommend  I have had tremendous luck with them, and their support is excellent.

Go to the Free Stuff link

Browse the offers.  

  • Sign up for any and all offers that interest you

Be sure to keep track of your logins.

  • I personally use an app I have been using for about a year called POCKET for Android. (There is another product in Google Play or Android App Store with the same name that is an offline reader.  THAT IS NOT IT).  
  • The neat thing about POCKET for Android is that I have the free version installed on my Motorola Droid 2 Smartphone, Samsung Gallaxy Note II Android Phablet, my Motorola Xoom Android Tablet, and there is also a version for the desktop I have installed on both my Windows business laptop and Windows development machine.  
  • I have them all in synch with the same POCKET for Android database file which is stored on my Dropbox in a folder called SecureWallet.  Of course, I also have Dropbox installed on all these devices too.
  • Every time I sign up for another affiliate site, or membership site, I have folders in  POCKET for Android for Affiliate and Memberships.  I just create a new record, and add new fields for Userid, Email (if different than the login userid), Password, Site URL, Affiliate ID, Affiliate URL, and any other information that I might need later.   POCKET for Android has a short timeout fuse, so be sure you save your  POCKET for Android records you might be creating or editing regularly.

Now that I’ve revealed some of my secrets, don’t forget that we can get more recognition by guest authoring and some SEO bumps with quality backlinks to each other.


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